Five months ago, Manno a four-year-old Chimpanzee arrived on Ol Pejeta from Iraq. His life before coming to Kenya had not been an easy one. Manno was born 2013 in Central Africa and was torn from his mother at a very young age. His other family members were likely slaughtered for bush meat.

He was then smuggled to the Middle East – Iraq when he was only six months old. He was kept in a private zoo here but his living conditions were preposterous. He was kept in a cage and used only for human entertainment. He was only released when paying zoo visitors came to take photos of him. In many cases, zoo visitors gave him cigarettes and candy for their amusement. The cigarettes and Candy gave him near permanent diarrhoea.
In 2014, Spencer Sekyer a Canadian Volunteer saw Manno in the zoo and vowed to try to help him. Spencer discussed Manno’s plight with Jane Goodall a renowned great Ape conservationist and that is how Manno found refuge at Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary.
When Manno arrived on Ol Pejeta, he was received by the caring Ol Pejeta staff and was kept in quarantine for four months. He is now fully recovered and has been integrated with the other Chimpanzees.

Rock and Stones could not be more honoured to have participated in this process, on 17th April, Rock and Stones gave Manno a blanket, milk and peanuts to sustain him for two weeks. The journey for Manno has now began and the support we give him will hopefully go a long way in giving him a new lease on life.
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