Meet Sudan, the world’s, last remaining male Northern White Rhino. Seeing as he is the last of his kind, that makes him the most eligible bachelor in the world. In retrospect we all want to date the guy who is like no other, different and one of his kind.
Well, that’s Sudan.

Sudan who is now on the Tinder App is 45 years old and in human life that is almost a century. He is very advanced in age and extremely threatened by poachers and this is why you should swipe right when you come across his profile on Tinder.
Swiping to the right will give you an opportunity to not only date Sudan but to donate to money to prevent his extinction. Living besides him are two female Northern White Rhinos: Fatu and Najin but he is not able to mate with either as he is quite old and his sperm count is too low.
Ol Pejeta Conservancy is now working closely with Vets to develop In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) which is costly and complicated to ensure the survival of this species. Tinder has teamed up with Ol Pejeta to raise awareness on Sudan’s predicament and to help raise £7 Million to prevent his extinction.
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Sudan’s Bio: “I am one of a kind. No seriously, I’m the last male white rhino on planet earth. I don’t mean to be too forward but the fate of my species literally depends on me. I perform well under pressure. I like to eat grass and chill in the mud. No problem. 6ft tall and 5000lbs if it matters.”

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