Our Chosen Charity for 2023 - Restart Africa

Our Chosen Charity for 2023 - Restart Africa

To date Rock and Stones has donated KSH 240,000/- to Restart which has help this incredible organisation support these children towards a better future.

Rock and Stones was founded on the basis of making a positive impact to people and planet. That is why each year we partner with great organisations and initiatives and give a 5% donation from all sales from our products

This year, Rock and Stones has partnered with Restart Africa as our chosen charity.

Restart Africa is based in the Rift Valley of Kenya and rescues abandoned children from all around Kenya. This incredible home provides a haven for these children from drugs, violence and homelessness, and provides communities with a future.

Restart Africa is currently looking after 91 children, aged between 0 - 21, who have all been rescued from the streets. 

It costs USD 300 per year to send a child to Primary School, something that every child who comes to Restart gets the opportunity to do.


Many of the children from Restart go on to have great careers. Currently 2 children from Restart are accountants in training, one is a trainee chef, another a business teacher and two are self-employed with their own businesses; they each have Restart to thank for giving them a chance in life.

Pictured below is Esther from Rock and Stones giving our latest donation to Restart. Thank you to all our customers who have bought Beach and Bush shorts, a Rara Skirt or any of our other products that have helped these children gain the chance of a better future.

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