Rock and Stones raises 128,000 KES for Ghetto Classics #FashionForConservation.

Rock and Stones raises 128,000 KES for Ghetto Classics #FashionForConservation.

We at Rock and Stones are extremely proud to announce that we have raised a WHOPPING 128,000 KES for the Ghetto Classics program! Thanks to all your incredible support throughout October, November and December we managed to raise an incredible amount of money for a great cause! 
Throughout the Christmas period 5% of our profits was put aside to support this flagship program of the Art of Music Foundation! We are so proud that our shorts are here to make a difference one step at a time, they are protecting landscape and wildlife through community empowerment.

The money raised for the Ghetto Classics program will be used to purchase more instruments for the project, in particular, Cellos.

Earlier on this year we also raised 132,000 KES for Kuruwitu Conservation & Welfare Association (KCWA). The money raised for KWCA is going towards purchasing new sewing machines and helping to expand their existing tailoring business.

This brings the total amount of money raised for conservation projects in 2019 by Rock and Stones to 260,000 KES, a figure we are extremely proud of!

We cannot wait to let you know who we will be supporting next :) So make sure you keep an eye on our social media pages for our updates.


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