Endangered Species Day!

Endangered Species Day!
Last week on 19th  May the world celebrated endangered species day and that may come across as a day we only talk about elephants and rhinos. Elephants and rhinos have the highest risk of extinction but there are several other animals in Kenya in particular that are at risk of being removed from the face of the planet.  These include Grevy’s zebras, African wild dogs, and Jackson’s hartebeest just to mention a few.
As we mark this day we cannot forget the strides Kenya has made towards conservation, including enormous efforts to stop poaching, ban of ivory trade and create space for wildlife across the country.
We are happy to have participated in a cause so big and in our own way we have made a difference. Thank you to all Rock and Stones clients because you have actively participated in the conservation process by purchasing our shorts.
Here’s to another year of protecting our animals!

Photo credits: Foals Maggie

Photo credits : Ian Aitken


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