Rock and Stones at Bargain Box

Rock and Stones at Bargain Box
On the 27th and 28th May we spent our weekend at Bargain Box which was at Karen Blixen Museum. If you haven’t attended any Bargain Box event, this is a family fun day out where you meet all your favourite brands in the same place. The brands offer crazy bonanza deals and we were no exception.
In our collection,we had men's Beach and Bush shorts, Boxer shorts, Zzz pants and Cargo shorts.

Women's Beach and Bush shorts, Party shorts and Zzz Pants.

Kids beach and bush shorts for boys and girls, Boxer shorts for kids boys and Zzz pants for kids boys and girls.

We had lots of fun and thank you to all those who came to our shop and thank you to the Rock and Stones family who worked very hard to make the day possible.
To find us at the next fair, please follow us on social media to get live feed on where we are going to be next.

Rock and Stones,

 Life in Colour, Made In Africa


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