Rock and Stones, making a difference in 2018!

Rock and Stones, making a difference in 2018!

Like many companies around the world, Rock & Stones is a business enterprise. As a fashion house the clothing is inspired by the environment of Africa, as well as taking much from the diverse cultures of its people with their colourful and traditional clothing. Kenya is rich in landscapes, flora and fauna as well as the 43 tribes that make up this diverse and unique country.

 Rock and Stones KitingRock & Stones is a truly exciting clothing company combining new ideas with more traditional ways and creating something that just ‘does it’ and producing items that everyone would like as part of their wardrobe.

Rock and Stones shorts However, Rock & Stones is more than just a fashion house managing to hit just the right spot. Rock & Stones would like it’s success to help it ‘give back’ to the community from which it grew. This makes Rock & Stones quite different from its competitors and it hopes that by ‘giving back’ it will make a difference to the lives of the people of Kenya as well as making contributions more directly to ‘conservation’ in its home country.

With every garment that is sold the company pledges to give a specific percentage back to community initiatives and to conservation projects all over Kenya.

This year 6,569 items were made with 10 Kenyan ladies cutting, sewing, beading and packing the garments for sale, not only in Kenya but all around the world. The other destinations for garments made by Rock & Stones are Los Angeles and North Carolina in the USA, the UK, Sydney in Australia and Brazil. This year the Milgis Trust has been the recipient of the funds raised and the amount totalled 103,000 Ksh. At the same time $1,700 was raised for Ol Pejeta Conservancy to help protect the animals and habitat of the area and to secure the livelihoods of the people who live in and around the conservancy.

Rock and Stones Kids Shorts and Baby RhinoThe Milgis Trust's core area is located in northern Kenya. It traverses the Matthews Range, The Ndoto Mountains and the Kirisia Hills as well as spreading further North encompassing Oldonyo Mara and Mount Kulal. The Trust's aim is to cover approximately 8,000 sq kms and support a diverse range of flora and fauna and the pastoral livelihoods of several different nomadic tribes including the Samburu, Turkana and Rendille. The money raised by Rock & Stones has been pencilled in against buying binoculars which are tremendously helpful in surveying the landscape and spotting just what needs to be done to help the people, wildlife and habitat on a day to day basis.

Rock and Stones and the Milgis Trust (1 of 1)In today’s World it is increasingly important that we all consider sustainability. ‘Giving back’ like this is just one way to make a difference. The donations will help make sure that the environment, the people and the flora and fauna are not forgotten.



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