Loving the Ocean!

Loving the Ocean!

Our oceans are as colourful as our shorts and should be preserved for the sake of generations and generations to come. Love Life! Love the Planet!

Following on from helping The Milgis Trust and Ol Pejeta with donations from sales over the Christmas holidays, Rock & Stones have chosen The Kuruwitu Conservation & Welfare Association (KCWA) to help next. Inspired by their hard work at a grassroots level and their level of success across the board, Rock & Stones have pledged to donate 5% of their sales over the coming months to the Trust.

Rock and Stones shorts on the beach

The Kuruwitu project started in 2003 and it has been tremendously successful in restoring the natural habitat and ecosystems of this area of Kenya’s Northern coastline. The aim of the project was to restore the balance between the communities that live off the sea and the natural habitat and ecosystems of the area. The Kuruwitu initiative encompasses 30 hectares of coastline that had been reduced by overfishing and the over-collection of sea life for the aquarium trade to a ‘wet desert’.

Rock and Stones - Kuruwitu turtle

With the involvement and support of the local fishermen and communities, the area has been restored and returned to what it once was - an area teeming with sea life of all description. Fish stocks have improved in size, diversity and abundance both inside and outside the conservation area and as such the catches reported by the fishermen have increased.

Rock and Stones - Kuruwitu coral

The Kuruwitu project hopes to be a model for other similar initiatives that will help bring life back to our Kenya coastline. 

With the initiative and enthusiasm of Rock and Stones, it means a gift for your family or friends, as perhaps you celebrate Valentines Day and the Easter holiday, can also be a gift for conservation and local people, all helped by the good works of the Kiruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association.

Deborah Boyd-Moss IDEAS & THOUGHTS On behalf of PLANET EARTH

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