Give back this Christmas with Rock and Stones

Give back this Christmas with Rock and Stones

Christmas is a time of giving and as we were taught with the humble shepherd bringing a lamb to the manger where Jesus lay, the smallest present is as valuable as the most generous gift.  This act of giving is central to our festive season and it is a wonderful tradition for very many people all over the World.

In this day and age the financial impact of Christmas is enormous. The National Retail Federation quotes that $271 - 500 is spent on each child at Christmas and in total $465 billion is spent at this time of year in the USA. In the UK it is documented by the Centre for Retail Research that £821 is spent on average by each family on food, gifts and decorations. Whilst such spending boosts the economy of each country ‘giving back’ is not always part and parcel of each.

Rock and Stones Christmas

In an unusual and ground breaking move Rock & Stones have factored in ‘giving back’ into the pricing and marketing of their products. The company was born deep in rural Kenya and as such the need and value of helping the local community is part of the growing culture of conservation in Kenya and well understood by many.

This year alone $1,700 has been given to support to wildlife protection teams on Ol Pejeta Conservancy

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Furthermore like all industry and enterprise Rock & Stones employ approx 10 people, particularly women who can then take home a daily wage to help feed and care for their families.

Rock and Stone ladies

Rock & Stones has a well established link with the Milgis Trust and this Christmas 5% of their christmas profits will be given to this hard working and ‘hands on’ trust.

Helen Douglas Dufresne, who runs the Trust on the ground is hoping that after Christmas this year they can use the money to buy much needed binoculars…..

We talked about hopefully buying some binoculars for our scouts.. This would help so much especially when they have an elephant that is limping and they can try to see why .. or of course all the other things that a small pair of binos would help with……

Another good reason this Christmas to think about buying something for your loved ones from Rock & Stones…….worth making your money go a little further this year.

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