Selfcare September with Rock and Stones

Selfcare September with Rock and Stones

It’s already the 2nd week of September, the kids are back in school and we are now looking forward to, dare we say it Christmas! Yup, there are only 4 months until Christmas, have you thought about your turkey yet??

But before we start thinking about Christmas its time to take a moment to treat your self, after all, we are in Self-Care September… Making September the best time to take a moment for yourself, put your feet up, have a hot chocolate book a weekend away or treat yourself to those Rock and Stones shorts you have been eyeing up for months.

So to help you treat yourself we have come up with a few of our favourite colours. This month we are loving the oranges, yellows and reds. Being September some parts of the world will already have a few autumnal leaves falling from the trees. But here in Kenya, we are celebrating (hopefully) the warm weather with these bright colours. That’s right, bring on the lovely summer days of December.

Back in August, we added a new range of Beach and Bush shorts and they are pretty cool. If you haven’t already had a look then I would suggest you head to our website and start shopping.

Rock and Stones - New Range

Let’s not forget that when you purchase a pair of Rock and Stones shorts or Zzz pants that you are supporting the Kuruwitu Conservation Welfare Association. 5% of our sales will be donated to KWCA. So far we have raised a HUGE approx. 154,000 Ksh. So this September not only will you be treating yourself but you will be treating KWCA!

Kuruwitu Conservation & Welfare Association

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