Have you ever stopped and looked at what you are wearing? Can you tell us who made the clothes you are wearing today?

April is the time of year when we appreciate all those that make the incredible clothes we wear every day!

We know we mention the amazing team behind Rock and Stones a lot, and it’s because if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be rocking all these incredible shorts. Our team work on each pair of shorts from the beginning to the end and they do an amazing job. So next time you wear your pair of Rock and Stones shorts, just think one of these incredible individuals is behind creating the shorts.

We asked our team a few questions about what they enjoy most about working for Rock and Stones.

Elizabeth learnt to sew back in 2006 and started working at Rock and Stones in April 2014. The monthly income goes a long way to improving Elizabeth and her family’s life.

Faith has been working for Rock and Stones for more than 5 years now. She enjoys making the different products and it makes her happy to see the joy a pair of Rock and Stones shorts bring to our customers.

Margaret started sewing in 2009 and joined Rock and Stones in 2017. She enjoys working for Rock and Stones because a percentage of the sales goes towards protecting the lives of animals. Margaret also likes sharing the African culture to society through the shorts that are made.


Simon has been with Rock and Stones for 6 years after learning to sew in 2008. Simon has made a huge number of shorts over the years for both ladies and men. Simon likes that through the use of different materials we bring different countries and cultures together!

Esther has been with Rock and Stones since 2008. She enjoys working for Rock and Stones because it empowers the team to thrive as individuals and gives them a platform to improve their careers. It also gives back to society by contribution to conservation projects such as the Milgis Trust and Kuruwitu.

Now that you know a bit about our team and #whomadeyourclothes we hope that you will continue to rock your Rock and Stones shorts!

Don’t forget this month we are still supporting the Kuruwitu project. So far we have raised X and 5% of our April profits will go towards Kuruwitu Conservation & Welfare Association. They are hoping to purchase a sewing machine for the KWCA women’s group which will help expand their existing tailoring businesses.

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