The Last Animals - Mashujaa Day

The Last Animals - Mashujaa Day
Happy Mashujaa Day!
This means ‘Freedom Fighters Day’ and the date in the calendar is a celebration of Kenya’s fight for Independence.
What is today’s fight all about?
Our World is hurtling at ever increasing speeds towards the use of artificial intelligence. At the same time the panorama of city skylines is growing exponentially. Mankind is very clever and so incredibly creative.
BUT do we want our World to only be inspired by art work like this beautiful and enigmatic zebra or our daily lives to be dominated by urban silhouettes like this one below…

These aspects of modern day living are not part and parcel of the Blue Planet that we inherited.
Mankind is such a powerful and all controlling species and we must be mindful that the stewardship of our planet is a duty and we owe it to our flora and fauna to protect them and their habitat.
It is topical therefore to mention “The Last Animals” by Kate Brooks.
The film is a finalist for the Special Jury award at the 2017 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in Jackson, Wyoming.

Kate Brooks uncovers and publicises a horrific web of international criminal activity involved in the poaching and trade of these magnificent beasts. At the same time Kate shows the World the heartfelt and tireless collaboration between scientists, activists and conservationists – people passionate about the need to save our inheritance and safeguard the future of these animals and our inheritance. The front lines of the fight to stop trafficking involves tremendous human bravery and sacrifice, no less than that involved in other wars around the world.
Despite the difficulties there is hope…….
‘The Last Animals’ – watch it!

Deborah Boyd-Moss


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