Go wild this Summer with Rock and Stones!

Go wild this Summer with Rock and Stones!

The summer holidays are here and we cannot wait to see what you get up to in our #RockandStones shorts...

Our Beach and Bush shorts are perfect for beach days, safaris in the bush, fishing excursions and any exciting adventure that you have planned. Or curl up by the fire after a long day in our Zzz pants.

    Rock and Stones - Around the world with our shorts

In preparation for your summer holidays we have picked our top 5 summer destinations:

  1. Kenya! – call it a staycation if you like; our home country is one of the best places to vacation. Safaris, beach, climbing mountains… there’s a ton of things to discover.

2. France – from vineyards to the mountains, villages and medieval beaches there is so much to do in France! We think a trip around all the medieval castles is definitely high up on our list. Let’s not forget the Tour de France. Even though Chris Froome is out, it’s still an amazing event to witness.

3. Costa Rica – volcanoes, rainforest, beaches and plenty of wildlife is just another reason to visit Costa Rica. If that’s not enough did you know you can see Spider Monkeys in the rainforest of Costa Rica?

4. Vietnam – food is another reason to travel and we hear the food in Vietnam is insane! At least the waistband in our Beach and Bush shorts expand so we can sample a lot of delicious food.

5. Japan – the 2019 Rugby World Cup is being held in Japan and we are so keen to go watch the World’s best rugby teams battle it out. But then there is also the Sake that needs to be tested whilst taking in all the incredible culture around you.

We know our shorts have been travelling the world, they have been spotted in Australia, Bali, Florida, Kenya, Namibia, Maldives, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Utah.

Around the world with Rock and Stones

But if you decide to head off to one of Top 5 summer destinations then please make sure you take a pair of our shorts, take a picture and tag us in all your exciting adventures…


Don't forget that for every pair of Rock and Stones shorts or Zzz pants you purchase, you are supporting the Kuruwitu Conservation & Welfare Association (KWCA). That's right, so not only are you wearing an awesome pair of shorts in an insane spot but you are also helping protect the ocean.

5% of our sales will be donated to the Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association project on the North Coast of Kenya.

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