The Pangolin… Quite an extraordinary creature… Pangolins are found in Africa and Asia although fossil evidence suggests they evolved in Europe. Unfortunately they are another of the World’s threatened species and are on the red list put together by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and labelled vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. These […]

Happy Mashujaa Day! This means ‘Freedom Fighters Day’ and the date in the calendar is a celebration of Kenya’s fight for Independence. What is today’s fight all about? Our World is hurtling at ever increasing speeds towards the use of artificial intelligence. At the same time the panorama of city skylines is growing exponentially. Mankind […]

We are so lucky in East Africa to have such BIG animals! Traditionally on ‘safari’ visitors hope to see the ‘BIG FIVE’. This means buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and the rhino.  The BIG FIVE originated from the days when safaris involved hunting – these were the most difficult animals to hunt on foot. The Buffalo […]

Hello there, First and foremost happy World Rhino Day!! Rhinos are amazing and such lovable animals so as we mark World Rhino Day 2017, we thought we should share several facts that you probably didn’t know about the Rhinos and several strides made to date to ensure the continued existence of these great creatures. There […]

On the 27th and 28th May we spent our weekend at Bargain Box which was at Karen Blixen Museum. If you haven’t attended any Bargain Box event, this is a family fun day out where you meet all your favourite brands in the same place. The brands offer crazy bonanza deals and we were no […]

Last week on 19th  May the world celebrated endangered species day and that may come across as a day we only talk about elephants and rhinos. Elephants and rhinos have the highest risk of extinction but there are several other animals in Kenya in particular that are at risk of being removed from the face […]